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The best investing blogs

Following on from my last article on ‘The best investing books for beginners’, which proved to be a popular post, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite investing blogs below. Eventually my intention is to collate all my favourite resources (books, blogs, and podcasts) into one place, so this post makes a start at collecting …

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Smooth is what we aim for

Let’s say I offer you a simple gamble. You take £100 of your own money, then toss a coin. If it’s heads, you win 40%, if it’s tails you lose 30%. Would you accept the gamble? Simple maths says you should – the expected return is +5% (50% * 1.4 + 50% * 0.7). But …

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Return expectations – 2020 edition

How much can a UK-based investor expect to make on their investments over the next 10 years? To help answer the question, I’ve collated 10-year equity return forecasts from as many different (reliable) sources as I could find – 13 in total. As with most things investing-related, the data was heavily US-biased and almost always …

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